Holiday Menu

Available During Holiday Season  Arrange for pickup one week prior
307 Penn Ave, Scranton – 570.800.7080


Karaage…60 (Feeds 20-25)

Japanese fried chicken, red dragon ssam sauce, peppercorn ranch, scallions

Brisket Bombs…65 (Feeds 20-25)

Braised brisket fried rice balls, arborio, kimchi, roasted corn, kimchi mayo

Tuna Tataki & Wakame…90 (Feeds up to 15)

Togarashi seared tuna, sliced rare over wakame seaweed salad, drizzled w/ miso
ponzu & spicy aioli


Porchetta Lasagna…80 (Feeds 15-20)

Bolognese of braised Italian pork, garlic roasted broccoli, fresh pasta sheets, herbed ricotta, mozzarella, asiago, parmesan

Seafood Lasagna…85 (Feeds 15-20)

Fresh pasta sheets, Boursin infused ricotta, poached shrimp, blue crab, lemon, fresh herbs, asiago parmesan béchamel

Signature Mac & Cheese…70 (Feeds 25-30)

Fontina/Gouda/Aged cheddar signature sauce, cavatappi pasta, scallions

  • with Roasted Pork Belly…90
  • with Roasted Chicken…85
  • with Togarashi Grilled Shrimp…90
  • with Sriracha Pulled Pork…85

Mesquite Braised Brisket…90 (Feeds 30-35)

Smoked chili pepper & cilantro braised angus, root beer chipotle bbq sauce, natural
brisket jus

Pulled Porchetta…70 (Feeds 30-35)

Classic Porchetta spiced, braised shoulder, white truffle scented pork jus

BBQ Pulled Pork…70 (Feeds 30-35)

Sriracha citrus braised pulled shoulder, natural jus, root beer chipotle bbq

Sausage & Peppers…75 (Feeds 20-25)

Grilled Fennel & Garlic Sausage w/ Fire Roasted Sweet Peppers & Pickled Red Onions

Ricotta Meatballs…70 (Feeds up to 20)

House made pork & Beef meatballs w/ ricotta/basil/ oregano/asiago, roasted tomato pomodoro sauce & topped with melted parm & asiago

Bourbon Roasted Turkey…75 (Feeds up to 35)

Peppercorn tarragon brined turkey breast, slow roasted & sliced w/ smoked tomato bourbon scent- ed turkey jus

Bacon Marmalade Pork Loin…75 (Feeds up to 35)

Peppercorn tarragon roasted loin, bourbon pork jus, sliced w/ bacon red onion marmalade


Roasted Brussel Sprouts…60 (Feeds 20-30)

with cherrywood bacon

Autumn Roasted Vegetable Blend…55 (Feeds 20-30)

resh herbs, evoo, garlic

White Truffle Roasted Fingerling Potatoes…55 (Feeds 20-30)

with fresh tarragon

Roasted Spaghetti Squash…50 (Feeds 20-30)

with brown sugar & coriander

Corn Bread Stuffing…60 (Feeds 20-30)

with sausage & sage