Brunch @ Sabatini’s

March 12, 2017

Brunch @ Sabatini’s Bottleshop

Exeter, PA

Sunday, March 12th (11am-2pm)


Deep Fried Stuffed French Toast…$10.5

Roasted apple whipped cream cheese w/ honey and vanilla, stuffed between brioche bread, battered in pancake batter and deep fried crispy, w/ chocolate ganache


Biscuits & Gravy…$10

House chorizo sausage, creamed smokey gravy, house buttermilk & pickled jalapeno biscuits, scallions



House cured & smoked black strap molasses ham, pulled sriracha citrus braised pork, greyer cheese, dijon grain beer mustard, peculiar pickles, grilled ciabatta


Breakfast Risotto…$10

House maple cured & maple wood smoked bacon, for roasted corn, asiago, Arborio, crumbled breakfast sausage, poached local farm egg


Pickle Fried Chicken Sandwich…$8.5

Peculiar pickle brined thighs, southern fried in pulverized pretzels, buttermilk bleu dressed fennel cole slaw, peculiar pickles, grilled bavarian pretzel roll


Roast Turkey Panini…$9

House bourbon roasted turkey, Boursin whipped aioli, Vampire Slayer cheddar cheese, house maple smoked bacon, sliced heirloom tomato, multi grain baguette


Kimchi Pulled Pork…$8.5

Gochujang citrus braised pulled pork, house fermented kimchi, hoisin, kimchi mayo, togarashi, grilled potato roll


Fish & Chips Sandwich…$9

SBC Shady Spot Beer Battered Cod Filet, wasabi peppercorn ranch cabbage slaw, peculiar pickles, grilled potato roll, served w/ house made fries


Spicy Shrimp Wrap…$9

Togarashi grilled shrimp, pickled red onion, cilantro pesto, sriracha soy & sesame cole slaw, spinach scented flour tortilla


Pork Nacho Fries…$6.75

Pulled pork, cheddar/gouda cheese sauce, corn pico, lime sour cream, romesco


Kimchi Fries…$5.75

House kimchi, togarashi fries, hoisin, sriracha soy mayo, scallion


House Fries w/ peculiar ketchup…$3.5